Corn Varieties



  • 2300 CHU, 79 day RM
  • Vigorous spring emergence that responds well to intensive management
  • Medium-short sized hybrid with enhanced yield and dry-down, top yielding variety in 2021 trials
  • Very good Goss's wilt and disease tolerant ratings
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  • 2100 CHU, 74 day RM
  • Improved dry-down and yield potential
  • Excellent test weight and stalk strength
  • Very good root strength and drought tolerance
  • Exciting new 74 day variety for the Dekalb lineup
  • Performed well at all Dekalb yield trial locations
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  • 2150 CHU, 76 day (closer to 73-74) RM
  • Excellent emergence and test weight
  • Strong disease package
  • Excellent late season appearance
  • Fast drydown puts this hybrid on the early maturity side
  • Target 36,000-38,000 plants per acre
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  • 2275 CHU, 79 day RM
  • Excellent drydown
  • Great harvest appearance
  • Excellent root and stalk strength
  • Late flowering for maturity but dries down very quickly
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  • 2425 CHU, 81 day RM
  • Strong emergence with good root and stalk strength
  • Very good drydown and harvest appearance
  • Excellent drought tolerance and staygreen for silage option
  • Introduced in 2020, impressing growers with proven yield
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  • 2450 CHU, 82 day RM
  • Excellent stalk strength for a medium-to-tall statured plant
  • Great performance under drought stress
  • Excellent test weight and grain quality
  • Very high tolerance to Goss's wilt with added GENVT2P trait
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  • 2400 CHU, 83 day (closer to 80) RM
  • Excellent emergence, test weight and early season growth
  • Solid agronomics with excellent standability and drydown
  • Very good drought tolerance and late season plant health
  • Performs well across all soil types and yield environments
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  • 2500 CHU, 83 day RM
  • Excellent drought tolerance
  • Top yield performer in 2021 trials with fast drydown
  • Very good root and stalk strength
  • Earlier maturing 35-88 replacement
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  • 2550 CHU, 85 day RM
  • Strong performance across yield levels 
  • Plant health and standability have been outstanding for the past two years with a great drydown at harvest
  • Well suited for all soil types and yield environments
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